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Real Estate Enterprise Commercial Mediation Center (“REECMC”) was established in accordance with Decision No. 17/BTP/GP dated September 6, 2022 of the Director of the Department of Justice Adjudication – Ministry of Justice and on the issuance of the License to establish a Commercial Mediation Center in Vietnam.

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According to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 3 of Decree 22/2017ND-CP, Commercial Mediation is a method of settling commercial disputes mutual agreed upon by the parties and supported by a commercial mediator acting as a mediator disputes under the provisions of this Decree.


We seek civility and resolution for all conflicts in our community.


Being recognized as a trusted Mediation Center for locals and expats. Promoting Consensus and Access to Justice.

A successful conciliation agreement (or “out-of-court settlement”, as Civil Code 2015) is defined as a document recording the successful mediation result, in whole or in part, conducted by the mediator in accordance with the law.

One or both parties can request the Court to recognize the successful conciliation agreement reached from the mediation process in case the Court is not currently accepting the settlement of that dispute (Clause 3, Article 417 of the Civil Code). 2015 and Article 16 of Decree 22/2017/ND-CP). The recognition of the Court allows the successful conciliation agreement to be enforceable in accordance with the provisions of the civil judgment enforcement law (Clause 9, Article 419 of the 2015 Civil Code). Procedures for recognition of successful out-of-court conciliation results shall comply with the provisions of chapter XXXIII of the 2015 Civil Code (Articles 416-419 of the 2015 Civil Code).

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