To become a commercial mediator, firstly you need to meet the criteria specified in Article 7 of Decree No. 22/2017/ND-CP on commercial mediation as follows:

1. A person who fully meets the following criteria may work as a commercial mediator:
a) A person who having full civil responsibility as prescribed by the Civil Code of Vietnam; have good moral qualities, be reputable, independent, impartial and objectiveness;
b) University degree qualifications or higher and having worked in the field of training for 2 years or more;
c) Having mediation skills, understanding of laws, business practices, commerce and related to the fields.

2. Commercial mediators may conduct commercial mediation in the sense of ad-hoc commercial mediators or commercial mediators of commercial mediation center according to the provisions of this Decree.

3. A Commercial Mediation Center may set its own standards for commercial mediators higher than those specified in Section 1 above.

4. Persons who are currently the accused, defendants, people who are serving criminal sentences or have finished serving sentences but have not yet had their criminal records remitted; Persons being subject to administrative handling measures sent to compulsory education institutions or compulsory detoxification establishments are not allowed to act as commercial mediators.


Documentations includes:

a) An application form, issued by the REECMC, for registration as a commercial mediator;

b) A certified copy or a copy enclosed with the original for comparison of the university diploma or postgraduate diploma;

c) Letter of employment in the field of training for 2 years or more, certified by the agency or organization where he/she works.

Papers issued by a foreign agency or organization or notarized or authenticated abroad must be legalized in accordance with Vietnamese law, except for cases exempted from consular legalization under international treaties  which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member.

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