REECMC is the first Commercial Mediation Center in Vietnam to launch a competent mediation service, empowering parties to promote better access to justice, and minimize conflicts in the dispute resolution process. 

REECMC was established under Decision No. 17/BTP/GP dated September 6, 2022 of the Director of the Department of Justice Adjudication –  The Ministry of Justice and the Hanoi Department of Justice issued the Certificate of Operation Registration. Act No. 10/DKHĐ-HGTM dated October 11, 2022.

REECMC, a legal entity, has its own registered tax invoices, bank account,  organizational structure as well as its functional office which coordinates dispute resolution activities in the form of commercial mediation, regulations, and supports mediators on legal procedures. administrative procedures, meeting place for the mediation session.

In addition, REECMC also has the ability to provide legal counsel, negotiation, consulting on dispute settlement at Arbitration, Court … ect in accordance with the law.

REECMC wishes to contribute to social the development of dispute settlement methods by using negotiation and commercial mediation.

REECMC is currently positioning itself and and striving to become the first choice of entrepreneurs in mediation and conflict resolution field.

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